Hanging Garden

best places of mumbai that is HANGING GARDEN

Hanging garden Mumbai considered being one of the famous gardens. The number of people visiting this garden is very high. This garden extends to a very far range. There are lots of nice places to hang out inside, seating areas for children, and to play children.

Here if you come to visit on holiday or on Sunday, then you will get a lot of pleasure. Because on this day the garden is more crowded and people enjoy more walking.

Hanging garden review

Do you know that Pherozshah Mehta garden is another name of hanging garden? This garden was first built in 1881. And it designed by Ulhas Ghapokar.

A large number of people come to visit this garden. This number of people who visit is not only from Mumbai but from all India. And people from other countries come to visit Gateway of India or Taj Hotel or Elephanta Caves. They also visit Hanging Gardens in Mumbai.

This Garden very well maintained. So the beauty of this garden is very well developed.

Things to see in this garden

There are some attractions things inside this garden that you can see which you will enjoy very much.

How to reach hanging garden?

You can reach hanging Garden Mumbai in three ways. You can reach this garden by bus, by train and if you have a personal car or any vehicle, then you can reach the garden through it too.

My opinion about hanging garden Mumbai

The Hanging Garden Mumbai is a picnic spot where people go to hang out with their families, their children. And their holiday spends there. From there you can see even more places to visit. Like Marine Drive Chowpatty etc.

You must visit this place, this place is green and filled with flowers. You will find the best shape of animals in this place.

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Attractions near the hanging garden

1. Elephanta caves (7.1 km)

2. Gateway of India (7.2 km)

3. Haji Ali in Mumbai (2.6 km)

4. Mumbai zoo (6.1 km)

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Hanging Garden Mumbai was built over a reservoir in 1881, so this place came to be known as the Hanging Garden. And this place also does supply water to the whole of South Mumbai.

This Garden is actually a beautiful garden built on top of Malabar Hill, so it is known as the Hanging Garden. Because it is a garden built on the slope of a mountainous ridge.

Yes, photography is allowed

Yes, Hanging Garden Specialty is very special, when you go at sunset, you will find the scene there very special.

And secondly, special thing is that this garden is situated on the top of Malabar Hill, so it is a very beautiful garden in itself.

And thirdly, it also facilitates many hedges carved in the shape of animals, which children are especially happy to see.

Since the local train facility in Mumbai is slightly more and the bus facility is a little less, and the train does not go to the “hanging garden”.

The nearest railway station of this Garden is Charni Road ‘station, although the distance from the Charni Road’ station to the Hanging Garden is 4.6 km.

You can use a taxi or bus (Bus number 124) to get to the Hanging Garden from Gateway of India.

Yes, there is allowed food in the “hanging garden”, and there you will find many different types of foods that you can buy and eat.

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