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Mumbai Zoo is located in Byculla area of ​​Mumbai, this zoo first-named Victorious Garden but later changed its name to Jijamata Garden. (The zoo named after the mother of great man Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj).

Jijamata Zoo is also known as Rani Bagh. Rani Bagh means (queen garden), this zoo has been made very beautiful and attractive. The area of ​​this zoo is spread over about 50 acres.

There are many different species of plants and animals inside Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo, even you will get to see birds of different species.

There is a collection of some unique and rare trees here and there are about 3213 trees which are of different species which gives a different look.

This zoo is no longer just a zoo, it has developed a lot, now it has become a tourist destination for the people of India. People from every country and every state go to visit the Jijamata Udyaan and enjoy it.

Inside it, people go for a number of several thousand. And the number of people who roam especially on a holiday day increases.

Byculla zoo history

Let us now know about the history of Jijamata Udyan.

Jijamata Udyan which is located in the Byculla area, this 50-acre zoo is considered to be very luxurious and the oldest public garden in Mumbai. This Jijamata Udyog Garden established in 1861.

The Jijamata garden named Victoria Garden before India’s independence, however after independence, it renamed Victoria Garden after the mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

This matter dates back to 1861 when the construction of 33 acres of new orchards started in Mount State Mazgaon (the Mazgaon which now covers the area of ​​Byculla).

And then the Sawri Garden transferred to the Victoria Garden and then opened to the general public on 19 November 1862. Since then, the Jijamata Udyan Zoo has been open to the public, but in 1890, this garden further expanded to 15 acres of land for Zoo.

Mumbai Byculla Zoo facts

Jijamata udyan animal list

Inside Byculla zoo, you will find many different types of trees/plants, animals and birds, etc. which shows the beauty of Mumbai city.

Byculla zoo considered to be a very old zoo, with about 180 mammals and 500 birds and about 40 reptiles. And not only that, but there are more than 3000 species of trees inside it.

If we talk about the area of ​​this zoo, then it is a huge zoo spread over an area of ​​about 48 acres.

Here you will see the following types of animals,

crocodile, wolf, nilgai, giraffe, zebra, camel, elephant, monkey, porcupine, leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah, bear, alligator, snake (many more types of snakes), ostrich, panther, rhinoceros, kangaroo, gorilla and many more animals and birds.

Flora and Fauna at Mumbai Zoo

As we have just talked, inside the Jijamata garden of curry very different kinds of animals and different birds, wild animals, and snakes, etc are kept inside it.

Different species of snakes have been kept here but the reptile house was closed after the disappearance of a boa a few years ago but all is still open. The number of saplings is more here, more than 3000 different types of saplings are available here, which cover the zoo.

How to reach byculla zoo

It is very easy to go to the Jijamata zoo, it is just 5 minutes away from Byculla station.

Information about Mumbai Zoo

Opinion about Jijamata Udyan

Jijamata Udyan is a very old and famous one of the many zoos in India which considered to have a large number of people who go here.

It is very large which is spread over about 48 acres if you go with the family in it. You will enjoy it more because very good arrangements have been made for children to play here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

There are very interesting penguins inside the zoo which includes 3 males, 3 females and 2 penguin children. It is said that these penguins were brought from South Korea.

Inside the zoo, you can only bring a bottle of water, food is not allowed in the zoo, you can eat food outside the zoo.

Yes, Byculla zoo worth visiting, it is not that coming here will be in vain. There are many types of trees and plants and many types of animals, snakes, etc. are also available. And inside the zoo, the heart of the people becomes green, so you must come here.

Yes, parking is available in Byculla Zoo, car parking is also available, but there is a limit.

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