Hello internet people, Today we will talk about the city of “Solan” in Himachal Pradesh. Today We will Talk about Solan city which city is located at a distance of 46 km from the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. In this post, we know about the beauty of Solan.

Now, we will discuss Solan that is in Himachal Pradesh.  We are very curious to know why solan is famous in all over India. So In this post, you will clearly understand about solan.

Here, You will also know why solan called Mushroom City and the city Of Red Gold (Lal Sone Ki Shahar- Hindi Name). And why solan famous in all tourists? So, Solan is the best tourist place in India.



Solan “Mushroom City”


Let us tell you, that the city Solan also known as the name of the mushroom city in all world. Because mushroom cultivation is more in Solan.

And “Solan  Himachal Pradesh also known by another name. That name is “the city Of Red Gold (Lal sone ki Shahar- Hindi Name)” because tomato cultivation is also very high. In Solan Hinduism, the city of Solan named after Shoolini Devi.

Solan In Himachal Pradesh

Previously, the city of solan was not making much progress. But now for some years, the city of solan has started making a lot of progress.

solan has a hill station in Solan which is very beautiful. A good place for visitors. If you have ever been, definitely go to the hill station.

Solan has a very good climate when it is hot in India. At that time it is cold in Solan because Solan is on a mountain. Wherever you go in Solan, there will be mountains everywhere. You will find the view there very beautiful.

After Chandigarh of Punjab, when the road goes ahead.  Solan starts from there and after going 30 or 40 kilometers above the ground.  Solan arrives in the city. You might think that a city that is 40 km above the ground would be closer to the cloud. So it gets a little colder there.



Kasauli In Solan Himachal


Kasauli Solan

Now we also know about Kasauli. Kasauli is situated between Kalka and Shimla. Kasauli is in Solan. It was established during the British period
Kasauli city is a small place but a very familiar place for a tourist place. In which there are many good places to visit. There is a very famous and ancient temple as well as a church.

There is a hill station named Timber Trail inside the town of Kasauli. This hill station is very popular for the residents of Kasauli city. And is considered a very famous hill station. Often tourists go here, they definitely go to this hill station. You know many types of the hill station in also Andaman Nicobar Islands. There are not only hill stations but many types of lakes.


Christ church

This Christ church is considered a very famous church. Often tourists go to visit here. This church is located on Mall Road. It is the most visited place in Kasauli town which was built by the British in 1853. It is The Best place in Solan Himachal Pradesh.

Christ Church is famous all over Kasauli for its serene atmosphere. If you go to Kasauli, then you must visit this place. Is a very breathtaking place

Timber trail

Timber Trail is also a very famous and fun place. If you want to go here then you must take the camera with you. Because you will enjoy taking pictures very much here.

This Timber Trail is within a radius of about 1.8 kilometers. There are many types of places to visit and new things to see.


Solan Facts


Some Interesting Facts About Solan Himachal Pradesh. The famous Solan has many places and temples throughout India.

Solan In Himachal Pradesh


#1. First Asia’s beer

The first beer launched in the solan of Kasauli. This was the first beer for

Not only India but all over Asia’s. This beer was very costly for British army stations. and that beer named Lion.


# 2. Mushroom City

Solan is known as the name of the “mushroom city” all over the world. The main reason that here the mushroom cultivation is more quantity. Because of which this place is known as Mushroom City.

#3. City Of Red Gold

Solan at Himachal Pradesh also known by “Lal sone ki Shahar” because of tomato cultivation is also very high.

#4. Highest Railway Station

Do You Know That World’s highest railway station considered “Solan” Himachal Pradesh?

This railway was constructed by the Delhi Ambala and Kalka Company and was completed in 1903.
This railway station named the Barog railway station. Barog railway station is a small railway station in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. But this railway station is one of the world’s highest railway stations. This railway station is situated at an altitude of 1,531 meters 5,023 feet above sea level, this railway station was constructed at a distance of 42.14 meters from Kalka.


Hotels Solan in Himachal Pradesh


If we talk about hotels then there are very good hotels. And you will get this at a good rent from the hotel room too. “Solan” in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla This place is a place to visit. So there is a good arrangement of hotels here.

Solan HotelsYou will get hotels in your budget.

But if your budget is less then you can also stay in Dharamshala. And you will get the facility to stay in Dharamshala at cheap prices.

If I tell something special about“Solan” in Himachal Pradesh. There a temple named Shoolni Devi which is very famous.

Every year a fair organized in the temple. And the worship started with great pomp. To see which people and sadhus from every corner of India go there and participate.

Even after settling on the top of  “Solan” in Himachal Pradesh on such a high mountain. You will get very good facilities there. There, you will meet very good collegiate schools for children’s education and students’ studies. Many hospitals are available for treatment.



How To Reach In solan?

You Can Come here by Railways, by Airways by Roadways (Bus, Car, etc). Many peoples come here by these options.

  • Railways: You can easily reach Solan by railway. The nearest railway station is the Solan railway station.
    another way, You can go to Shimla and after Shimla, you can reach Solan. More railway facilities are in Shimla.


  • Airways: If you come from the Airport then you can definitely come here. The nearest airport Mashobra is in Shimla Airport. Approx, your time consumes 40 minutes for comes Mashobra Airport. Another way, you go to Chandigarh Airport. Chandigarh Connected to major cities like Amritsar, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, And Many more Airports. You can anywhere to come to Chandigarh. Approx, your time consumes 2 hrs for comes Chandigarh Airport.


  • Roadways: Another way for you, you can come from your own car. If you have not Car then you can definitely come form tourist buses and taxis. Many buses and taxis are available form more cities of Himachal Pradesh to solan.


My Opinion

Finally, solan is a lovely city. You should go solan and enjoy it. But if you want to go solan then you should go to the hot climate.  Because the already cold climate is in Solan.

Thank You




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