Red Fort

Today we talking about Red Fort Delhi. Which built by the Mughals in Delhi. It said about this Red Fort that considered the best building among the buildings of the Mughal Emperor.

While many more buildings built is in India by the Mughal emperor. But at that time the Red Fort Delhi built. Only the Red Fort was in the limelight.

Friends, do you want to know interesting facts about Red Fort? So you would believe that India a country called “gold bird”.

Yes, friends, I want to talk to you, of the Mughal emperors who ruled India for 800 years. Build a building more than one in India. Due to which people go to see the tourist place today.

If you read this post then your desire will increase to go to Red Fort Delhi. Because of Red Fort is a great place of Delhi. And You Should go there and roam here.

Let’s Start Friends. Friends, today we are going to talk about a building that is a sign in itself. Which considered the pride of India.

Its formation is not just a brick wall, it is an event in itself that has changed the entire history of India. Even after built, India still has proud of this building.


Red Fort Delhi Gate


#1. Who Build Red Fort Delhi?

If I tell you in easy language, then it also considered as a Proud of India. Today the Red Fort located in crowded areas like Delhi but known as a sign of India all over the world.

Which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Yes, friends, I am talking about the Red Fort which is located in Delhi.

When the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan became the king of India in 1627, he thought that the Red Fort should also be built.

It is said that Shah Jahan Badshah was more fond of building new buildings.

But Shah Jahan’s capital was in Agra in UP but due to extreme heat, the Mughal emperor did not like Agra. He got the idea that if his capital is in Delhi, he will enjoy it.

Just as the Red Fort of Delhi is very famous, similarly the Taj Mahal of Agra is also very famous. People from all over the world come to see to Taj Mahal of Agara.

The Taj Mahal of Agra also has many interesting facts. You Should read Interesting fact Taj Mahal


#2. Red Fort Delhi Built and time took

When the Mughal Empire went to Delhi. And there he thought that the Red Fort should be built.

He, therefore, sought an opinion from two of his famous artisans. Those were named Ustad Hameed and Ustad Ahmed. He said that the land was open on the banks of river Yamuna. It was completely right that you can build a building here.

Accepting his opinion, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan laid the foundation of the Red Fort which was built in 1639. And in the pages of history.

We find that this red fort was built after being built by artisans and laborers and artists for 9 years. And in front of this fort, the city of Shahjahanabad is established.


Now that known as Delhi. Even after 9 years of travel, when the Red Fort was built, the Mughal Emperor was informed that the Red Fort built.


When the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan visited Kabul at that time. When he got the news of the construction of the Red Fort, he came back and went inside the Red Fort from the front gate. that it was great to see the Red Fort.

In the joy of the Red Fort, Emperor Shah Jahan kept a very good party, the ceremony was so well kept that it is still remembered from the world today.

This red fort was so well built that when Shah Jahan emperor lived in Agra, he also built a red fort there. Delhi was built 2 times larger than the Red Fort of Agra.




#3. Red Fort Delhi Construction

All the walls were placed 60 feet in length from the back of the fence and about 110 feet in length in the front wall. Yamuna river flowed from one side of the fort, which also had very good types of fish.

Historians say that the Yamuna River helped to enhance the beauty of the Red Fort. But there was some fish and the beauty of the sea that was finished during the British rule.


Red Fort Delhi Other Gate

#4. Many Buildings Built Under Red Fort Delhi

Now I am going to tell you a specials thing about the Red Fort of Delhi. A variety of buildings and beautiful palaces were built in the Red Fort of Delhi. But now this palace is no more.

We will learn more about the palace built inside the Red Fort Delhi.
There were also many Surrey palaces which are famous not only in India but all over the world. This palace enhanced the pride of India. So, friends, we talk about Red Fort in Delhi.


  • Salim Garh Fort

Another fort was built on the banks of the Red Fort, named Salim Garh Fort. Salim Garh Fort was built at a short distance from the Red Fort.

And the bridge was also built in the middle which was connected with Salimgarh Fort and Red Fort. Sher Shah Suri’s son Salim Shah Suri built the fort of Salim Garh.

The fort at Salim Garh was used to imprison the prisoner. To the south of the fort is the Delhi Darwaza. Which is built on the side of Jama Masjid.

Two large stone elephants were placed on either side of the Salim Garh fort. Looking at the stone elephants on the banks of the Salim Garh Fort, it seemed that they are the guards of the gate of the Salim Garh Fort.

From this door, the king and courtiers went to offer prayers in the Jama Masjid. By the way, 5 doors of Red Fort were built, out of which the main door was supposed to be Lahori Darwaza.

  • Lahori Darwaza In Red Fort Delhi

The Lahori Darwaza was built exactly opposite Chandni Chowk. If we read the pages of history, we come to know that many more doors and forts were built next to Chandni Chowk next to the Red Fort.

More of which are also known as carving doors. But its main door which was known as Lahori Gate, its two elephants were kept in stone, it is also known as Hathiya bridge, in which two stone elephants were kept.

Friends, I want to tell you that there are many traditions, buried under its limits. Like the first one used to play a lot of Naubat inside the door, which was played about 5 times every Sunday.

Who was decorating the magnificent fort of Red Fort very well.

From the emperor’s birthday to the celebration of any good door, the tradition of the Naubat was always kept which was played continuously.

All those traditions are no longer happening, but in the pages of history, its beauty is still very bright. And the main gate of the Red Fort.

Which was the Lahori Gate, was not ordered to enter any court from that gate except a member of the Shivaya Maharaj family.

The denial door is built about 70 meters high, which is very high, about two people were killed at the same door and Jahandar Shah and Farooq Siyar were also killed inside this door.

  • Deewan-e-Aam

There is also a place near the Red Fort in Delhi which is known as Deewan-e-Aam.

The name of this Deewan-e-Aam was taken with love not only in India but all over the world. And it was used to celebrate. Often Deewan-e-Aam.

It was kept empty to celebrate. And if there is to be any kind of celebration, the Deewan-e-Aam was celebrated with pomp.

And it is also said that in place of this Deewan-e-Aam, there was also a wall which was remembered with silver.

This silver wall was specially made by the artisans of Ahmedabad. The wall cost 100000 at the time it was built.

Red Fort Delhi Deewan-e-Aam


A lot of gold and silver items were also kept in the Deewan-e-Aam pulses. The people who came later also took him out but in spite of that his dalan and its walls are still very bright and beautiful.

A very nice mausoleum made of small 21 feet marble stones has been built in the Deewan-e-Aam.

which is really appreciated. The makers have made this marble stone so beautiful.

It should be appreciated. The marble walls observed inside it add to the beauty of the Deewan-e-Aam.

The picture of bird tree plants has been made on the whole wall, it seems that we are roaming in the garden there. As a matter of fact.

I want to tell you that all the walls inside Red fort or built to use for it truly worthy of praise.

And it worth praising because of a lot of finely carved stones used inside it.



  • Cost In Deewan-e-Aam

Friends, you can think that when it made at that time of RS.100000 then how much its value would have been in the present time.

But it is no longer with us in regret. And not only this but more valuable things built inside this fort.

People say and believe that such good things and such expensive things made inside this fort.

Those such good things not found anywhere else in the whole world.


  • Marble Sheets For King In (Red Fort Delhi)

To sit in the middle of the same wall, the king was made his throne, made entirely of marble stones, which was made very beautiful, and was very good.

Whenever there was a court for some reason, people used to sit in it and the king would sit on the marble seats and give his decision.

I am very keen to tell you that if we are in that place, we too will enjoy this thing, but this place is not yet intact, it is over. Many things that were built inside the Red Fort.

And when a more special court seemed to be for that particular purpose. even more expensive throne was arranged.

On which the king used to sit and give his decision to the people. While the earlier throne was also very good.

But the throne which was brought on a special occasion was very beautiful and very expensive, it is said that the whole was made of marble, which looked absolutely bright.



  • Hayat-e-Bakhsh (Red Fort Delhi)

On the pages of history, we also find that where there was a special place where Diwan-e-Aam had a king’s court.

There was a garden next to it. The garden which was known as Bagicha Hayat-e-Bakhsh, what the Mughal Emperor Raj used to do at that time, has now disappeared.

The texture of Diwan-e-Aam is very beautiful and the entire Diwan-e-Aam was made from marble. Instead of Diwan-e-Aam, it is designed to be approximately 90 feet in length and 67 feet in width.

Deewane-e-Aam was made so beautiful that the people who saw it used to appreciate it.

Above the roof of Deewane-e-Aam was made entirely of silver, which used to entice the heart to see.

That silver wall is not there anymore, later people took it out.

And above the roof of Deewane-e-Aam, four colors were made in all the four corners, which were painted with a completely bright color.

Which was very attractive and very beautiful to look at.



  • Nahar-e-Bahisht 

A canal was built in the middle of Deewane-e-Aam, that canal was named Nahar-e-Bahisht.

The Deewane-e-Aam was made so beautiful that the emperor said that if there is a paradise anywhere in the world, this is what it is.

There was a time when the diamond inside the Red Fort was also stolen.

And it was accused by the British also on Shah Jahan. This lawsuit was in the public eye for a long time. The Red Fort has also seen such days.

Friends, a canal flowed inside this Red Fort, named Nahar-e-Bahisht.

The one who was almost in the middle of the Red Fort went into the canal. The canal water was also applied in very beautiful colors.

Which greatly enhanced the beauty of Diwan- e-Aam and Nahr-e-Bahishta place of Red Fort.

  • Swimming Pool In (Red Fort Delhi)

Three large rooms were built inside the Diwan-e-Aam. Inside which a large swimming pool was also built.

From the pages of history, we find that cold water and hot water were arranged separately inside the swimming pool.Which was a very pleasant swimming pool. Special arrangements were also made to cool the water.

But about 1.25 lakh timber was used daily for hot water. And underneath that swimming pool were very good stone designed floors.

Which further added to the beauty of the swimming pool. At this time, that swimming pool is no longer inside him.

Perhaps the swimming bridge may have been broken. Or it would have been repaired.



  • Moti Masjid (Red Fort Delhi)

When Aurangzeb’s rule came inside the Red Fort, which was built by Shah Jahan, he built a very beautiful mosque.

The name of that mosque was Moti Masjid. And it is said that Moti Masjid made of full marble, shining brightly.

Moti Masjid was also an identity in itself which added beauty to the beauty of the Red Fort.

It is said that the mosque was not built for the entire royal court, especially for a member of the king’s family.

And the door of that mosque was made of brass. Looking at the door it looked like it was a gold door while it was a brass door.

Meaning that it was made so beautiful that it attracted the hearts of the people. And the most special thing that was made in the mosque was the most beautiful.

The dome of the mosque was made of different types of marble stones which were shinier and more attractive. And in the eyes of the people, the mosque and even the palace were visible.

  • Zafar Mahal

Friends, there are many such things which have been buried under the Red Fort as secrets.

One of those secrets is that a Zafar Mahal was also built inside the Red Fort, which was known as Khas Mahal.

And Maharaj Bahadur Shah Zafar who built the Zafar Mahal was the one who built this palace under his rule. And it is said that after some time, what made this palace a place of repose for the soldiers to bathe.

It also tells us that the earlier emperors who have gone to rule India thought more about their courtiers.


  • Scales Of Justice

Friends, there is another thing about which people know very little, even I did not know.

When I went inside the Red Fort a few days ago, I came to know about it and it was well known when I read history.

So, friends, we come to know that inside the Red Fort, a royal court was also installed, which was only for justice. Whose name was given the scales of justice.

Whenever the king of anything had to hear spades or someone should be punished for the crime of his punishment, the royal court was put in that court and justice was done in the scales of justice.

And it is said that his justice was liked so much that people loved it.

And there was the justice of the law, in the place where the king used to sit, on that place a special thing was made and on it there was also a picture of the scales of justice and there was a moon inside the scales of justice.

Which was the moon sword. The signs were made as if. The scales of justice are built on the moon.

Many stones and precious bright stones were also put in it which were very valuable.

And that used to make the red fort’s rumble more beautiful. Which was actually considered the beauty of the Red Fort. After that people also took him out.


  • Masaman Burj

There another place knew the name of Musaman Burj. That Musaman Burj built on one side of the Red Fort.

There built 8 domes on 8 corners. Which made from very precious stones and Nagina. The river Yamuna flowed outside the same Musamman Burj, which considered very good and pure.

The main door also built-in Musamman Burj. In which Maharaj first entered inside that gate through river Yamuna. And Maharaj used to enter this gate often.

Now I want to tell you a special thing in it that as many different types of palaces or swimming pools or any different category of houses built inside the Red Fort.

One common thing in all houses that all the colors used to paint with red color and only red color stones put in it.

The bricks used inside the Red Fort also rubbed with red color. Even the places which came in the vicinity of the Red Fort.

Such as the stones planted on the banks of the Yamuna River also planted red-red. And this thing had greatly enhanced the beauty of the thatch of the Red Fort.



  • Rang Mahal

There another place knew the name of Rang Mahal. Rang Mahal place for the particular emperor to roam. Also, the place built to a sit. And Special thing, the Rang Mahal’s roof build of silver.

When the British came, they replaced brass with silver. After that, the wooden roof replaced with brass. Which exactly silver color but it is wood.

What the Mughal Emperor used to do so effortlessly to cool the Rang Mahal. And special arrangements built to keep this special place cool. When the British came to that place, they started burning fire.

And its a very bad situation. Now even that place not there. There no much such place left, which created by the Mughal emperors at that time.


  • Mumtaz Mahal

Another place which named Mumtaz mahal. It built a place for the queens to rest and the king also used to relax in it. Which built it very beautiful and special.

The palace is no longer there, but its memories are still in the minds of the people. A museum has now built inside that Mumtaz Mahal.

  • Asad Burj

A very magnificent palace also built known as Asad Burj. It destroyed in 1857 but it repaired by the later king Akbar Sani and it again converted into a palatial palace.

From the side under the Assad Burj, there a canal called the canal of heaven. It used to flow under the Nahr-e-Bahisht Assad Burj.

Asad Burj one such place which considered to the most important palace among the three palaces built by the king. Nahr-e-Bahisht flowed under the Assad Burj which kept the palaces of the Asad Burj cool and it looked very magnificent.

This palace is no more, now it has also turned into ruins.



  • Jawaharlal Nehru slogan (Red Fort Delhi)

A lot of different types of buildings have been built in the Red Fort, which is now only in memories. Or in history.

When the rule of the British came, many of the palaces of the Red Fort broken even at that time. He also devastated and later the people did not repair the Red Fort so its beauty further reduced.

There are also places where the palace built earlier, now Chhabra has made for the Army forces there. And there has also a lot of space that broke in the British court.

After that, the first Prime Minister of India, known as Jawaharlal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru chanted a slogan. “Let’s go to Delhi” and it the first one resonated across the slogan that would take every citizen the country. I liked it. And this first slogan.

The first speech gives by the first Prime Minister India. After the Maharaja at the Red Fort.

Even after that, the visiting Prime Minister of India climbs the Red Fort and gives a speech about the independence of the country and people from almost corners of India gather to listen to the Prime Minister’s speech and everybody enjoys.

Many palaces have built inside India by Mughal emperors. In which the Red Fort also comes.

Which known as very important and very respected Dar Mahal. And often this palace attracts the mind of Indians. who are not Indians there also attracts the mind.



#5. You Should Know Red Fort Delhi Facts

Minar Delhi

Here, We Also read Red Fort Facts. I want to say you not Facts Rather Interesting Facts.




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