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Hello Internet Peoples, Today I want to show the greatest building called Lotus Temple (kamal mandir). There is the Lotus Temple At Delhi. Are you curious to know when and who built the Lotus Temple At Delhi? So, Let’s start friends Today we talk about Lotus Temple At Delhi. there is a palace in the city of Delhi, (India), which is exactly like the shape of flowers. Today we will talk about this palace which is known as Lotus Temple (Lotus Temple At Delhi). Lotus Temple was built in 1986.

First, We know> history, Lotus Temple, At Delhi

You will be happy to know that Lotus Temple is one of the 7 Bahai houses in the world. And there is only one Bahai house in the whole of Asia known as Lotus Temple. Which is near Nehru Place in Delhi. What we see in Lotus Temple Delhi today. That Lotus Temple was built by Fariborz Saheb. Who were from Iran. He was also honored with several Global Arts Academy Awards. The Lotus Temple was inaugurated on 24 December 1986. But it was opened on 1 January 1987 for the common man, who is going to go there. The Lotus Temple is a temple that is considered a symbol of peace. The beauty of the Lotus Temple is enhanced most by it. Small ponds are built around the lotus temple, which is filled with blue water. The rays of the sun are strong and the sunlight falls on the water from the marble. Therefore the lotus temple looks even more beautiful. Although the Lotus Temple does not follow any partisan religion outside the Lotus Temple, there is a picture of the Unity of all religions on the walls. Who proves that people of all religions live together inside India. Today we will talk about such a palace, which CNN (Media) has described as the most visited palace in the world. Yes, friends, I am talking about Lotus Temple which was established in 1986.
Lotus Temple At Delhi
Lotus Temple At Delhi


The shape of the lotus temple is exactly like a lotus flower. The lotus flower has petal-like leaves. Similarly, petals are also made in the lotus temple. There are 27 petals in total. But every petal has started up and down. It appears to have only 9 petals. The person who built the Lotus Temple was an Iranian. The Lotus Temple was made so beautiful that it was awarded the prize. And Lotus Temple is mentioned in about 125 magazines around the world. And many books have also been written on the Lotus Temple, enough to recall their history. The Lotus Temple is made in 9 arms so that its shape becomes like a lotus flower. Its height is also more than about 27 meters. You will be surprised to know that 27 different types of marble have been used in it. The shape of the lotus temple is similar to that of the lotus. And Lotus Temple is famous worldwide by its size. And it is said that it is the most visited palace among all tourist destinations in the world. The entire palace of Lotus Temple is made of marble. If you ever go to the Lotus Temple, you will see that there is no statue or picture of any religion in the Lotus Temple. However, its name is Lotus Temple. Nor will you find any kind of platform there. People of all religions can go to the Lotus Temple and pray for their faith. No one is allowed to speak loudly at Lotus Temple. Because the voice resonates very loudly. The size of the Lotus Temple is so large that it has a seating area of ​​2400 to 2500 people.


If your question is that it is a Lotus Temple, then we can worship there. of course, you can worship there, any religion is not forbidden there. People of every religion can go there and practice their faith. It is forbidden to there singing a song. The most interesting thing in Lotus Temple is that if you speak slowly inside it, the sound inside that palace resonates very loudly. Perhaps this is why singing a song is forbidden there.


If you want to go to the Lotus Temple, then you must go. Lotus Temple is a great place. If you are thinking of going to Lotus Temple, then I tell you the best time. Your departure time will be very good for you. If you go during the winter season, it will be better. The winter season is from October to February. If you go between these months, the pleasure of walking will be better. I want to tell you that the opening time of the Lotus Temple is from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. And if you go during hot weather. then it is open from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm in the summer season. Prayers are also held for some time. Prayer times at Lotus Temple are 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. But the prayer is only for 5 minutes. So take care of the time.
Lotus Temple At Delhi
Gate of Lotus Temple At Delhi

Some essential facts on Lotus Temple At Delhi

1. Lotus Temple has received the highest award in the world so far. Lotus Temple has received the highest award in the whole world. And it is also the most visited place in the world. This is the first time that a religious place has received this award so many times. 2. The length of the Lotus Temple is about 40 meters. Which has a seating area of ​​at least 25 hundred people. The size of the Lotus Temple extends to about 26 acres. 3. People of any religion are allowed to visit the Lotus Temple. People of any religion can follow their faith and recite their worship. 4. Many people together can also go inside the lotus temple as there are a total of 9 doors in the lotus temple which are 40 meters. 5. According to media CNN, it is said that the Lotus Temple is considered to be the most visited palace in the world. 6. Friends, you will be surprised to know that Lotus Temple took about 10 years to be built. 7. The Lotus Temple was brought from the best marble making place in the world. Yes, friends, I am talking about Greece. From Greece itself, marble was arranged for the construction of the Lotus Temple.

Tourist Place (Lotus Temple At Delhi)

8. A report states that more than 10,000 tourists visit the Lotus temple every day. This means 4.5 million tourists a year. And you will be very happy to know that there is no charge of Lotus Temple. People can come to see Lotus Temple from anywhere. 9. Noise in the Kamal temple is completely prohibited. Because it is said about such a temple of peace that you cannot make noise here. 10.Like the Taj Mahal at Kamal Mandir, when you go inside. You will be asked to go out only after taking off your shoes and slippers. Because cleanliness is very much taken care of and is a rule. 11. I give you another surprise that the Lotus Temple was built by around 700 engineers, artisans, carpenters, laborers, and artists. 12. Though the name is a temple of Kamal Mandir, there is no idol of any god here. People here worship in their minds. The peace of the lotus temple is considered worship. 13. The time to pray for the Lotus Temple has also been set, which starts the prayer for 5 minutes every 1 or 2 hours. 14. You can visit the Lotus Temple on any day except Monday. You cannot go to the Lotus Temple on Monday because the Lotus Temple is closed on that day. This means that from Tuesday to Sunday, the Lotus Temple remains open. If you ever go to visit Lotus Temple, then it is better for you to keep these things in mind. And you will have more ease to see the Lotus Temple.

Easy way to reach Kamal Mandir

If you want to go to Lotus Temple, then I am telling you the easy way. Through which you can reach the Lotus Temple very easily. If you live in India then move to Delhi. If you too are outside India, first come to India and go to Delhi state. After visiting Delhi you will find a metro station in Kalkaji Mandir. At a short distance from the Kalkaji temple station, you will see Lotus Temple. There is a Lotus temple at a distance of about 500 to 600 meters. Either you go near the Nehru Place metro station and it is very close to there. After crossing the park of Nehru Place, you will see Lotus Temple.

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