Taj Mahal History

Today we are going to talk about taj mahal history, which is built-in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh (India). You will be surprised to know that the Taj Mahal built very beautiful and attractive.

It’s considered to be the seventh-best palace in the whole world. (means the seventh wonder of the world). Come on guys, we read the history of taj mahal.

Interesting Taj Mahal history

Taj Mahal Gound
Taj Mahal Ground

If we talk about the taj Mahal history then It’s very interesting and it for remember the story of love.

The main purpose of the construction of the Taj Mahal was that the king whose name Shah Jahan. (who was from the Mughal dynasty). He built the Taj Mahal to remember his love (Mumtaz Begum).

Hey, Taj Mahal history is a very interesting and facts story. If you will listen then you will get very fun. You must have read or heard the Taj Mahal history before.

The princess to whom Shahjahan married named Mumtaz Begum. although, before her marriage, her name was Arjumand Banu Begum.

Shah Jahan fell in love with Mumtaz Begum at the age of 14. And they married after 5 years in 1612.

Shah Jahan had built the Taj Mahal to commemorate Mumtaz Begum. And from then till now people go to see the symbol of the love of both of them and remember them.

Taj Mahal history of Agra

Today, we visit the Taj Mahal as a remembrance of love. We visit there to refresh our love. Many people have contributed to building that Taj Mahal, which known as a sign of love. Taj Mahal history is very attractive and full of love stories.

They also brought in by artisans from Central Asia and Iran to build the Taj Mahal.

Inside this place, for better-design artisans were arranged at different places, such as stone-cutting artisans, dome-making artisans, and many more.

To build the Taj Mahal, 22,000 laborers brought and the tomb designed.

The architect’s master, known as Ahmad Lahori, arranged for 22000 laborers to build the Taj Mahal. Even one thousand elephants gathered to collect the stones and materials used to build the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is very beautiful, and it should also be the most beautiful because after spending 32 crores, the Taj Mahal was finally ready in 1653.

If we go further to history then we come to know that the best building built by the Mughals. And considered the best palace in the whole world called the Taj Mahal.

The size and beauty of the Taj Mahal so attracted that people from all over the country come to India to see it. Even 7, 8 million people come to see this in a year.

Shah Jahan imprisoned before his death in the mausoleum where his wife also imprisoned. Shah Jahan died on 22 January 1666, after living 74 years of his life.

Who built the Taj mahal?

It is often the question that who built the Taj Mahal? The simple answer, taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan.

which is the fifth king of the Mughals, whose grandfather was the great emperor Akbar. whose father was Jahangir and then Shah Jahan became king.

Shah Jahan fell in love with a Persian girl named Arjumand Banu Begum. After marriage, Shah Jahan changed the name of Arjumand Banu to Mumtaz Begum.

It is interesting that when Jahangir was 14 years old. He fell in love with her and she married him after 5 years. Mumtaz Begum died after 18 years of marriage.

The Taj built by King Jahangir in memory of her wife Mumtaz Begum. And this made so beautiful that today the world is such love Let’s go to see it as a symbol.

Facts of Taj Mahal

There are many things about the Taj Mahal facts that are enough to tell that this is very beautiful and people like the palace very much.

The best thing that I liked about the Taj Mahal is changing color. This Is a three-color change in a single day. Pinkish in the morning, White in the evening, and golden in the night.

Taj Mahal history is Inspiration

Taj Mahal Near River
Taj Mahal Near River

The Taj Mahal history gives us the inspiration that two lovers were so much in love with each other. They also made a sign to keep the love immortal. which known today by the name of the Taj Mahal.

Although it was not Shah Jahan’s first wife, for which the Taj Mahal built. It was Mumtaz Begum whom Shah Jahan fell in love with at the age of 14 and he married Mumtaz Begum.

Mumtaz Begum died after a few years. But till today people remember the Taj Mahal as a sign of love and also go to see it.

Note:- Taj Mahal History is the inspiration for us which we can apply in our life.

Garden of Taj Mahal

Come on Friends, now we also talk about the Garden of the Taj Mahal. if you ever go there, then you will enter the garden and you will have a lot of fun.

I want to say that the design of the garden is so good it means so good that there is greenery all around. On the other hand, trees, plants, flowers, etc.

You will find yourself attractive all around. Means, the garden you will find very beautiful. And the place of the garden is also very long, It is till very far, there is a lot of space. So that people who go to visit there are able to sit comfortably and see it.

As soon as you enter this place, you will get to the garden. After crossing the garden, as soon as you enter the building of the Taj Mahal, before that you will have to buy some clothes to wear on foot.

It is not clothes. it’s worn on shoes so that the Taj Mahal’s building cannot become dirty. The cleanliness of this is very much taken care of.

Construction of Taj Mahal

It took years to build this place, in which many special people from the country and abroad were invited. It is said that about 1000 elephants built this and about 22 thousand laborers were arranged.

So that all together they can erect the Taj Mahal building. This made so strong and so beautiful that people say that it will take many centuries for this to fall.


Yes, besides being the Taj Mahal tourist place. It also considered the seventh wonder of the world. People from all over the world come to see it.

There is also some Taj Mahal entry fee, if you go with your luggage then there is an arrangement for keeping your luggage.

A canteen also built inside the Taj Mahal. The space of this is big away. If you have to roam the whole. Then obviously you cannot go on foot then there is a provision of trains inside.

Yamuna river also flows on the side of the Taj Mahal. Which is quite famous, so you can see it along with Taj mahal.

How to reach Taj Mahal

  • If you want to come through the airport then you have to first come to Delhi. And after that, you can come to Agra.
  • And if you want to come by train, then this route is also very easy. The best two trains in the train are the Taj Express and Shatabdi, which are the trains of Delhi and Agra. You can also reach it easily.
  • And if you want to come by bus, there are many buses to Delhi and Agra, which can reach only after covering a distance of 243 km.

Taj Mahal timing

Taj Mahal timing is, Every day (06:00 am to 06:30 pm) except Friday

Taj Mahal entry fee

Taj Mahal entry fee For Indians is INR 45,
Taj Mahal entry fee For Foreigners or NRI is INR 1050

Conclusion:- Taj Mahal History

We have talked so far, which concludes this. That if you want to go to the Taj Mahal then you go in a little cold weather, I mean from about October to January.

Because during this month the heat will be less and the reflection of the sun falling on the Taj Mahal will be less on your eyes.

Because if you go in the summer season, you cannot see this properly in the afternoon. Taj Mahal shines a lot, your eyes will shine directly on it.

Now those who go to visit here wish to know the Taj Mahal history as we have told you earlier that the history of the Taj Mahal is very exciting and historical.

So, how did you like Taj Mahal history. I hope I have given you the best information about taj mahal history.

Taj Mahal History is famous not only in India but all over the world as it dedicated to its love.


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