Who built Red Fort | history of fort with 8 attractive facts

This question is worldwide, who built Red Fort of Delhi? So, its easy answer is that This Red Fort built by Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor of the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, in 1939.

The Red Fort in India built entirely according to the Islamic prototype, although it also depicted the history of the Persian Timur and Hindu organization.

There are many palaces built by Mughal emperors which are no in good condition, there are many palaces that have been broken. But a lot of palaces built by Mughal emperors, the main famous being the Red Fort and Taj Mahal.

But due to Shah Jahan not liking Agra much, he came to Delhi and in Delhi, he has built another red fort which is considered very magnificent and world-famous. And the Red Fort of Delhi is famous not only in India but in the whole world.

History of Red Fort Delhi

The Red Fort Delhi built-in 1648 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The Red Fort of Delhi not built for the first time. before the Red Fort of Delhi built the fort in Agra. The fort of Agra also built by Shah Jahan.

.The Red Fort is considered the pride of India. The greatest cooperation in the constructed of this Red Fort by Ustad Ahmad Lahori.

There a lot of historical buildings inside this Red Fort, which has been buried inside this Red Fort. The best thing in all those histories is that India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted India’s first state flag on 15 August 1947 at Lahori Gate. And every year after that time, the state flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India.

Inside the Red Fort, the walls built of lots of gold and silver ornaments. But that robbed of a lot of jewelry by Nirir Shah (when he invaded the Mughal Empire in 1747). And not only this, when the final time of the Mughal Empire came, at that time when the British rule applied to India, the British also looted a lot of gold and silver which show the beauty of the Red Fort.

In 1712, when Shah took the Red Fort inside, it lasted for 30 years, after which he assassinated within his rule. And in his place, Farrukhsiyar ruled. During the same period, the Red Fort suffered a lot of damage and gold and silver items replaced in the Red Fort. The silver walls had been replaced by copper walls.

Who built Red Fort

The Red Fort of Delhi completed after work from 13 May 1638 to 6 April 1648. The Red Fort of Delhi built by Shah Jahan who born on 5 January 1592. Shah Jahan is formerly known as Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram. Before the Red Fort of Delhi built, the Agra Red Fort built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

The layout of Red Fort  of Delhi

The Red Fort of Delhi is spread over 254.67 acres. And it has walls 2.41 km from all sides of the fort.
A lot of such buildings built inside the Red Fort, which nowadays the palace is not in the right condition. Many palaces have been broken, which at that time proved the identity of the Red Fort.

The main entrance to the Red Fort, which name Lahori Gate. The big size of Lahori Gate built so that many people and passengers could easily go inside it, this door considered to be the main door of the Red Fort.

The architecture style of Red Fort

As we believe, apart from the Red Fort, there are many more places which built by the great architect Ustad Ahmad Lahori.

Even a great palace-like Taj Mahal (which is known as a symbol of love), also built by Ustad Ahmad Lahori. Ustad Ahmad Lahori is an equal partner in building many palaces and considered a very great figure.

The design of the red fort so beautiful that it seemed that red and red golden things have been placed all around, the red stone used inside the red fort and everywhere. There was an identity that became very famous all over the world.

There a long journey to build the Red Fort and thousands of people used to work inside it. Many architects, designers, engineers worked together to build the Red Fort.

Attractive Facts of Red fort

who built the red fort in Delhi
who built the red fort in Delhi


#1. First Indian National Flag hoisted

India’s first Indian National Flag hoisted at the Red Fort by the first Prime Minister of India.

#2. The largest monument in India

The largest monument in India is considered to be the largest monument Red Fort and there are many other monuments too, such as the Taj Mahal, but the biggest monument is Red Fort.

#3. Red Fort used Silver, Kohinoor, and gold

There are many palaces built by the Mughal Empire. But Red Fort of India is the most important building of all. A lot of Kohinoor, diamond and silver items were used inside the Red Fort in India.

#4. All stones are red color

The best facts of the Red Fort, Indians feel that the walls, ceilings, and stones placed around the Red Fort are all red in color.

#5. The white stone used inside it

Red Fort made by Lot of Stone. Most of the white stone used inside it. However, when British rule came, they painted it with red color.

#6. Red fort construction completed in 10 years

It took about 10 years for the Red Fort to be completed. It completed after its construction ran from 1648 to 1657.

#7. The Red Fort is in 254.67 acres

The area of ​​Red Fort is made up of 254.67 acres of land. And up to 2.4 km defensive. Which makes the Red Fort very defensive.

#8. People visiting the Red Fort millions

The number of people visiting the Red Fort is in millions. All these people, not only of India but people from all over the country and abroad come here and roam here.


Many structures inside the Red Fort


  • Salim Garh fort

Salim Garh Fort originally built to imprison people. This fort built in 1546 AD by Salim Shah Shuri, son of Sher Shah Suri.

A bridge built by Jahangir in 1622 during the Salim Garh Fort, but when the British rule came in, he built a prison that used to imprison people.
But after 1945, when India became independent, the imprisonment was broken and replaced as a memorial.


  • Lahori Gate

There are many doors to enter inside the Red Fort of Delhi. But Lahori Gate is considered to be the main entrance to the Red Fort.

It got its name from Lahori Gate because it leads or leads Pakistan.
The Lal Qila gate is a beautiful door built by Shah Jahan, which preserves the beauty of the Red Fort. Mostly white marble has been used inside the Lahori door.


  • Deewan-e-aam

Deewan-e-Aam is a luxurious room in which the great king of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan used to sit. And used to listen to the complaints of his successors, and resolve them. And used to give a verdict to people.

Deewan-e-Aam also has red sandstone in its design. The Deewan-e-Aam has a very beautiful texture, it is said that this Deewan-e-Aam roof tower built by offering gilded water. And the walls and roof of Deewan-e-Aam are also very beautiful because inside it the picture of bird-like animal birds has been made in a strange style. Which tells the beauty of this palace with responsibility.



  • Deewan-e-Khas

Deewan-e-Khas considered a very special palace because inside it the Mughal emperor Akbar used to rest with his guests. And this palace also is known as Shah Mahal. Shah means use for Badshah people.

Gold water also offered on the roofs of Deewana-e-Khas so that this palace looked more special.

Deewane-e-Khas decorated in a very special way indeed, but in the Revolt of 1857, this palace completely ruined. And many things which kept for their decoration, such as roofs of gold water, everything looted by the British.


  • Hayat-e-bakhsh

Hayat-e-bakhsh the name of a garden built by the emperor. Maharaja Shahjahan rests inside this garden. It was about 200 square feet.
The beauty of this garden can be gauged by the fact that inside this Maharaj himself used to sit and enjoy the pleasant sun. But after 1857 this garden completely destroyed.


  • Nahar-e-Bahisht

Nahar-e-Bahisht is the name of a canal that runs through the Red Fort in India to the banks of the Yamuna River.
This canal specially built so that the king and queen could enjoy it and its coolness would remain inside the palace. In other words, it has also been called the paradise of paradise.


  • Musamman Burj

Musamman Burj also known by its second name Muthamman Burj.
Burj means a long wall, that called the tower. A very tall tower built in Musamman Burj, inside which the Mughal emperor used to give a glimpse of the bushes in the morning. It named the Balconi of dreams. Musamman Burj built on the banks of a river in 1808 AD by Akbar Emperor.


  • Mumtaz Mahal

Many palaces built inside the Red Fort, but there six palaces that very special. Mumtaz Mahal considered the most special among those six because Maharaj’s wife used to relax inside Mumtaz mahal and made it special for him.


Some Important Questions for you about Red Fort of Delhi

Now, we will talk through a question-and-answer session. So that we can know more about the Red Fort of Delhi.

1. Red fort information

The Red Fort built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1738 very beautiful and Ustad Ahmad Lahori also with him to build the Red Fort. This red fort is famous all over the world. The beauty of the Red Fort is its red stones.
I have written a detailed post about Red Fort Delhi, you will get details information here.

2. Why was the Red Fort Delhi built?

The main reason for building the Red Fort that when Shah Jahan built the Red Fort in Delhi, before that he built the Red Fort in Agra. That red fort also very beautiful as well as attractive but due to Shah Jahan not liking Agra much, he planned to come to Delhi and when he started living in Delhi, he also built a red fort in Delhi.

3. why the red fort is famous?

There are many reasons for the Red Fort of Delhi which is famous all over the world. But the special reason that enhances the glory of the Red Fort is that the Red Fort is made of all red stones, which looks interesting to see. And the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan completed eleven years of the construction of the Red Fort.

4. Which time you should go red fort of Delhi?

The best time to visit Red Fort is from 09:30 to 04:30. If you are from India, it is not so difficult for you to go to Red Fort. But if you are outside of India then you should pay attention. you should go in October of February. Because this is the best time to visit Delhi.

5. red fort Delhi timings

You can visit Red Fort any day except Monday. But you should take care of the time. You can go to the Red Fort from 09:30 morning till 07:30 evening.

My Opinion About Red fort of Delhi

Red Fort is a historical palace which helps in increasing the pride of India. A lot of palaces built in the Red Fort, which is not there in today’s time. Many palaces have been broken.

In the Red Fort, the Prime Minister of India gives speeches every year on 26th January and 15th August.

overall, I hope I have given you compressive information about Red Fort of Delhi. If any other information needed, you can message us.



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