Best Tourist Places In South India

Friends, in this post we learn about best tourist places in south India. South India is the best part of India.

We should know about Best tourist places in south India. By the way, many tourist places in India that you go there. And many tourist places that famous not only India but all over the world.

Friends, in this post we will Know about South India. How many places to visit in South India. All of us should know that in South India also people from all over the country and abroad come to visit according to the tourist place.

There is a very good place to roam in South India too. And they are in the coldest area and the hot area also. In this post, we will learn about all those places.

My favorite best tourist places in south India that is Lakshadweep. In this post, we will also know about Lakshadweep lake.

Here we Covered 5 best tourist places in south India that you should definability know about.

Friends Trust me, after reading this post your desire will increase about going to tourist places in south India.


Chikmagalur   (Best Tourist Places In South India)


Now, friends, we will know about coming to Chikmagalur in South India, who comes to Karnataka.

We will know about 6 such places in Chikmagalur on which you can roam where you can go and enjoy your life.


  • Mullayangiri


Mullayanagiri is a part of India that enhances the beauty of India. Mullayanagiri is a very high peak of the hill. If you walk up, you will feel that you have come to the clouds. It gets a little cold there because the whole is mountains and a cloudy area.


Mullayanagiri is part of Baba Budan Giri Hills Rance. And the height of Mullayanagiri is 6330 if we see it in meters, it is about 1930 meters.

Mullayanagiri considered the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.



  • Kemmanngundi


Now we know about kemmanngundi. It also a very good hill station that is exactly like Chikkamagaluru.


Kemmanngundi falls in Chikkamagaluru district, Kemmangundi is considered to be a very magnificent hill station. Which is believed to be over 1434 meters in height.

Kemmanagundi is also known as Sri Krishna Jain Dhar Hill Station.

Kemmangundi is also a very good place to visit, you can come here it is also considered to be a very good hill station which is in South India.


  • Sringeri Math


Shraddha Amba Temple was built in Sringeri in the eighth century. The Shardamba temple was built by Shankaracharya. The house of this gentleman was around Sharadamba.


And in this temple, a gold statue was placed in the fourth century. Which added to the glory of this temple. And many people used to go inside this temple to worship their faith. This temple is very old, but accordingly, the number of visitors to it is also considerable.


Sharadamba Temple is considered to be a famous temple in which people from almost all over India go there and worship the temple.


  • Z point


Z Point is also a great place to visit.


If I guide you personally, I want to request you that if you go to south India. You must go to this point. It is a very nice place when you visit this place, you will feel very good and new.


Especially you will feel new and better when it is time for the sun to come out or the sunsets. Because when you are present in the sunlight at this place, you will get special enjoyment at that place. Thousands of people come here.


It will be a bit difficult to climb this as you will reach here after reaching 180 stairs to climb from here. After that, you can enjoy this place.



  • Hebbe Falls


Hebbe Falls is also a very good place that many people go to visit. And enjoy these springs.


Hebbe Falls is a very beautiful and majestic fall surrounded by almost entire forests and surrounded by tea trees. The height of this Hebbe Falls is 168 meters.



  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


Bhadra World Live Sanctuary is also a very good forest. Which has many types of animals. Many people go around in this wild, if I tell you how many animals are there in this forest, you will be surprised to know. But the beauty of this forest comes from these animals only.


There are many animals available in this forest including elephant gaur, bear, wild boar, black leopard, jungle cat, jackal, wild dog, sambar spotted, deer, wild dog, langur, bonnet macaque, flying squirrel and Malabar giant squirrel.

By visiting this place you will feel a very good and very happy atmosphere.


So you must go to this place and enjoy this place. This place will make you feel as if you are in a zoo.




Munnar  (Tourist Places In South India)


Best tourist places in south india



Friends, now we are going to talk about Munar. Munar is said to be one of the top hill stations in India. Which is located in Kerala.

I personally believe that Munar is a very nice and very beautiful place.

So, friends, now we know something about Munar, through which we can get some information about going there.

So, friends now we know that there are 6 such places in Munar where you can go and enjoy it.


  • Kundala Lake


Gundla Lake is a very good and very long lake which is situated about 27 kilometers from Munnar.

This lake is situated in the middle of the large mountains. And it enhances the beauty of Munar.

Gundla Lake is said to be the oldest lake in Asia. Which is located so far and its beauty is revealed by the fact that when the Tourist Place visits here and enjoy this place.

Boats were also placed to travel in this lake.


  • Echo point


Echo Point is located at a distance of about 13 km from Jamuna. And is the oldest popular picnic spot.


It is tea cultivation from all around, which enhances the beauty of Echo Point. And those who go to see it, their heart is filled with seeing the cultivation of tea around them.


According to the tourist destination, people from around the country and abroad come and roam here. But if I talk about the special Munar, then there is an echo point around Munar. People who have settled around Echo Point. They go to the Echo point for a walk in the evening and enjoy the aroma of tea.


  • Tea Garden and Museum


The tea garden and museum, which is located at a distance of 12 km from Monal, is considered the second largest tea garden in India.


It is supplied not only in India but abroad in the whole country, this garden is famous all over the world. It is a place which is famous in the world.



  • Devikulam


Devikulam is also a very famous place which is located 7 km from Munnar.

There are lakes all around the place, the lake and tea gardens are seen as plantations.

If you climb the highest mountain of this Devikulam place then you will see only those fields from which the tea gardens are built. And a lake will be seen all around you.


It is a very interesting place, if you go, you will enjoy it very much, especially if you want to visit this place. When it is a little cold weather. And when it is morning or evening. Here you will find light sunshine and light tea scent.



  • Attukal Waterfalls


Trucollar Falls This place is about 9 kilometers from Munar. This place is said to be the best waterfall of Munar. This waterfall is a very good and very pure water flowing waterfall.


And this place is considered as the best place in Munar for supporting hills and waterfalls.


If you want to visit this waterfall, I would say that you should go during the rainy season. If you go during the rainy season, you will get immense pleasure. You can think that a waterfall on one side and raindrops on the other side will give you a lot of pleasure.



  • Eravikulam National Park


This national park is said to be one of the top national parks in India.


The area is said to be divided into three parts, the national park is divided into three parts, one for Tourist Place, those who visit this place according to Tourist Place can visit this part.


Inside this national park, you can see around 135 types of birds and 27 types of different animals.

This national park is a cool place to give you a chill and pleasure.

You should visit this place, it is one of the best places in Munnar. I consider it a happy place.






Best toutist places in south india


Friends, now we are going to talk about Hampi. Hampi city falls within the Bilari district in the state of Karnataka.

Hampi city is one such historical place. There are also 3 temples in the city of Hampi, which are well known and historical, which everyone knows in India.



  • Virupaksha Temple

The first temple is the Virupaksha Temple. This temple is very famous. This temple is famous not only in India but all over the world.

Whenever there was a fair in this temple, diamonds were sold there and people from all over the country and abroad used to come to buy that diamond.


If we go back 500 years, we come to know that this city was very bright 500 years ago. And had a very happy life, after that it was fine until 300 years later. But was devastated after that.


Inside this city, there used to be the Vijayanagara Empire, which disappeared many years ago, now the state is buried inside the soil.


It is said that the Vijayanagara state was a very prosperous place. Where people from far and wide used to come and do marketing.


But after the invasion, the city destroyed. And its diamond gems were also looted. In which this city build very poor. Now the beauty of the city has remained only in history.


This palace was so big that around 90000 people can come together inside it.

500 years ago, many gold spots made in this Vijayanagara state, which looted after that time, it is no longer a palace.

But according to the tourist spot inside this city, there are still thousands of people who go to visit.

There are still many historical places which are worth visiting. If you go there, you will find yourself very happy after going there.

And there is a very nice place to travel there. If you go there and take your picture then it will be memorable for you with a historical palace.




Pondicherry  (Best Places In South India)


Best tourist places in south india



Now we will talk about Pondicherry which is a union territory. The history of this Pondicherry is very interesting and very old. Many people of this country came to Pondicherry.

And people in many countries ruled over it. But after this, it again became independent of Pondicherry. And people started growing their business again. Now recently it named Puducherry from Pondicherry.


There is plenty of space to roam inside this beautiful Pondicherry. And there are also many beaches which you can roam. And can enjoy myself with friends.


This city of Pondicherry is so beautiful that the residents here say that they are not living here in Pondicherry but living abroad. Because this city is very magnificent and very beautiful.

Apart from Pondicherry, there are many more The best tourist places in India which you must know about.


  • Pondicherry Like French

If you want to go to Pondicherry then you must go near the mountains and waterfalls. Yes, it is a very beautiful place, you will feel that you are not in India but outside India.


In Pondicherry, it seems that available in France. Even today their many boards inside Pondicherry wrote in French. And the English language has also used there.


There is a lot of fast food in Pondicherry, which is available in French fast food. And even today many people in Pondicherry speak French.

The city of Pondicherry is one of the major cities in India, due to its beauty, many foreigners come here.



The city situated on the seashore of Pondicherry is very happy and very green. Inside this city, you will feel mild heat even in cold. And there is always happiness in this city, this city is very beautiful.


It is one of the four main beaches of the beautiful city that orbit tat, paradise tat, serenity tat.


This sack is a good place to visit and quite attractive.


A church inside Pondicherry is about 32 years old which is very old and has historic churches.

This church is very beautiful and quite attractive. There are many good markets inside Pondicherry, which you will always find there for your needs.


Most of the people of Pondicherry depend on agriculture. There is greenery all around inside this Pondicherry. You must go inside this Pondicherry and roam. Pondicherry is a very good place in India. Where not only the people of India but foreigners also come.



Lakshadweep (Best Tourist Place South India)


Lakshadweep is a very nice and very beautiful place which has 36 islands, Lakshadweep is a union territory. You have to take permission to come here. Even if you are Indian, you will have to go with a permit.


You will get its permit from Kochi. There is a sports office in Kochi, you will have to get its permit.


If you want to go to Lakshadweep. Then you can go through two-three paths. One, you can go by flight. Which will cost about 6000 of you? You will get a flight from Kochi.


Another way can go by boat. Your expenditure on this is less. Its tickets cost around 270 to about 4000. But its tickets reserve very quickly.

But there is also more time in this, around 24 hours to 41 hours will take your time.

If you can afford a little money then I would like you to go by flight. The road will make water easier and quicker for you.


  • Islands To visit

There are a lot of islands to visit here, one by one you will enjoy. If you want to stay here then you can stay in the hotel while the hotel costs a little more than the cost.

But you will not find any private place in the hotel. You will find the hotel only on sports from where you have booked the ticket.


Here many islands like Bangaram Island, Tingara Island, Covai Reddy, and so on are very good islands. Where you can spend your time and enjoy walking.


This is a bit expensive place to visit, your budget may be a bit high. If I talk about Bangaram, then you can go to Bangaram for 15 days for your stay and stay for about 1 day.


A Samudram package also runs at this place, that the Samudram package is worth about 30,000, a lot of islands can roam inside that package. And it can cover a lot of space. You will also need to book this package for sports.


If you have made the mood to go to this place, then I would tell you to take as much cash as possible. Because you have to cash everything there. Because there is little acceptance of the card, then take care of this will be better


Lakshmi Devi is a very good place in which thousands of people come and roam on its island. Its island is a sign of its beauty. You must visit this place. And go according to your budget. And accordingly set your day so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble by going there.




Finally friends, all the places that I mentioning here you can visit easily. and the best part of this post “Pondicherry”. Pondicherry in my favorite place In all Best Tourist Places In South India. You can easily roam all these places for a small cost. So, you definitely visit here.


Thank You

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