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Are you curious to know about Elephanta Caves, which will increase your desire to visit Elephanta Caves Mumbai?

Elephanta island is 10 km (means 1-hour ferry journey) from the Gateway of India in Mumbai city of Maharashtra.

Elephanta Caves which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many types of sculptures are available inside this cave. Especially these caves have been dedicated to Lord Shiva.

There are many types of stone sculptures inside these caves which prove the statue of Hindu and Buddhist gardeners. This cave is built of solid basalt rocks.

A lot of Hindu Gods are installed inside these caves, and especially the statue of Lord Shiva is found more in a special way.

Elephanta Caves Mumbai

Elephanta Caves named Elephanta Cave because elephant statues were found here many times ago. Since then they have been shaped into Elephanta island. The shape of this cave is built of full stone, even there are big stone pillars.

There are 7 total caves in these caves. And the first cave is considered to be the greatest cave and due to the statue of Lord Shiva here, it is also considered a place of worship of Hinduism.

On the pages of history, we find that in the 1970s this monument prepared to be built and in 1987 it was ready. And has since been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Elephanta caves have a total of 7 caves, out of which 5 caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva of Hinduism. And the sixth and seventh cave is dedicated to the believer of Buddhism. All elephanta islands considered very popularly and historical.

In this 1 cave is not worth seeing, that cave has been completely destroyed. The cave is lying closed because stones fall from inside it and people may be harmed, so this cave is closed for the time being. And out of this, only five caves are there to see.

According to the Hindi scholar, this cave was built between the 5th and 9th centuries.

Its history seems very interesting, now we know the history of Elephanta caves.

History of Elephanta caves

Statue of elephanta caves mumbai
Statue of elephanta caves mumbai

It is said that Elephanta initially occupied by the Hinayana Buddhists. But its history has not been explained very briefly. But these caves established between 5th century and 7th century CE.

Elephanta islands show the most Hindu culture, although a lot of importance has been given to the many Buddhists and Jain Gods.

When this cave was completely ready in the sixth century, it became popular as Dharpuri (called the house of caves).

But later this cave handed over to the Portuguese traders in 1534. It was then named Elephanta Deep by the Portuguese as huge rock-cut stone sculptures of elephants found.

But according to McNeill, these Elephanta islands were first damaged in the Sultanate itself. And the responsibility to damage the cave was given to the Portuguese.

But later its explanation that the loss of Elephanta Caves Mumbai was neither inflicted by Muslim rulers nor Portuguese Christians.

In 1872 AD, it rebuilt by the British and it corrected and the exodus of Hindus re-administration and again according to Hindu society, a program of worship was started in Elephanta.

1903 AD, Filed a joint petition of Hindus to waive the fee in the Elephanta islands. And then the British accepted it and this cave was added to its ruins position.

After that, the Indian government re-established this cave in the 1970s to make it a tourist destination.

The main reason for the formation of Elephanta Caves was that the statue of Elephanta found there, after which this cave was established.

A lot of Hindu Gods are installed inside this cave and here most of the Hindu Lord Shiva is installed and some Buddhist Gods statue remains.

Geography of Elephanta caves Mumbai

If we talk about the distance of Elephanta Cave Mumbai, then the distance of the Elephanta islands is about 10 kilometers from Gateway of India which goes via the Arabian Sea.

And its length is 4 kilometers and its height is about 150 meters. Inside this cave, you will find many different types of tree plants. Which enhances its beauty.

There are five major caves inside the Elephanta islands, the most important of which is on the west hill. And this hill cave is also considered a great cave and place of worship. And this cave is also considered to be the most visited cave.

Things to see in Elephanta caves

Elephanta caves have the most visible of Lord Shiva statue, and also many different gods according to Hinduism and Buddhists, which built a long time ago, although some statue has been damaged.

You will also find some broken caves inside it, but all the caves have been made of stone. Even the idols of God are designed in stone.

Facts of Elephanta Caves

How to reach Elephanta caves?

To get into Elephanta caves, you have to first come to the Mumbai city of Maharashtra. If you are Indian then you can also come here by train and bus.

 And if you live outside India, then you have to come to Mumbai Airport via flights. After that, you can go to the Elephanta islands after coming to Gateway of India.

Two ferries move every half hour from Gateway of India to go to Elephanta Caves. But keep in mind that the last ferry to go to Elephanta island is only till 2:00 pm. And the last ferry departs at 5:00 pm to return from Elephanta Caves.

Information about Elephanta Caves Mumbai

Opinion about Elephanta caves

There is a lot of places to visit in Mumbai, even a lot of places are historical and exciting places. But Elephanta Caves is a very old historical place. You will enjoy visiting here.

I also liked it when I moved here. Only mountains and stone idols will be found here. And you will find stone caves which will give you strange pleasure. You should roam this place.

Note: – There are lots of places to roam here, if you can not walk on foot then there are also many small trains, you can roam Elephanta caves anywhere by small trains.

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Most frequent questions and answers

To go to Elephanta Caves, you have to first come to Gateway of India, after that you can reach Elephanta Island by riding (boat or ferry) from the Gateway of India.

Elephanta Caves built by the Hindu Kalachuri king, which was completed in the middle of the 6th century. This cave memorial is mainly based on Shiva and Shankaracharya’s evidence. And this cave built at a distance of 10 km from the Gateway of India.

Photography is allowed in this cave, while most photography is done with adequate light falling on the subject. It gives a different type of stunning silhouette.

Elephanta Island is located on the East Coast of Mumbai, it is a beautiful cave and is enjoyed to visit with family, friends, and couples.

Because a huge elephant sculpture discovered at this place in 1934, so, this place named Elephanta caves.

By the 1500s, it had become an active place of worship for Hindu residents due to the Elephant’s statue and Lord Shiva’s statue.

November to February is the best time to visit these caves.

This cave built between the end of the 5th century to the 8th century AD, so it has the status of a historical cave.

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