Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is a very good and old beach in Mumbai. This beach is on the side of the Arabian Sea which is attached to Arabian Sea Mumbai.

Juhu is not only famous for the beach but here often shoots Bollywood movies and songs. There is a lot of Beach in Mumbai but Juhu Beach and haji Ali Dargah are the best, oldest, and most visitable places.

People come from far and wide to see the seaside beauty of Juhu Beach Mumbai. And relieves the fatigue of your day. They enjoy the most when they see the shining water and the setting sun from the banks of the Arabian sea.

Juhu History

Its history begins in such a way that when it used to be a small The island. And most of the time there used to be piles of sand. Juhu beach Mumbai later became very famous but earlier it was known as Juvem by the Portuguese.

And around this Juvem, small villages inhabited, which were often used by farmers and fishermen. But later it famous.

Now people from all over India go to this place. Especially the people of Mumbai like this place very much. When they have to entertain their heart, he goes to this place and enjoys it.

Juhu Beach In the 1890s, Jamshedji Tata thought of building a bungalow on Juhu. And for almost a century, Mumbai was not in good population.

But after the death of Jamshedji Tata in 1904 AD, its plan of work abandoned. And then for a long time, this work remained like this, but then later people prepared it by making it midway.

Facts of Juhu beach

Juhu beach, people walk
Juhu beach, people walk

There are some interesting facts about Juhu Beach Mumbai. After knowing these facts your desire to travel to this place will increase.

How to reach Juhu beach?

There are 3 routes to go to Juhu

Information about Juhu beach

Opinion about this beach

This beach is a very famous and attractive beach in Mumbai. You should visit here.

Juhu Beach is one of the old beaches of Mumbai, and it is on the banks of the Arabian Sea so people go more to visit here. Although there are other beaches in Mumbai which are at the Arabian seaside. But this beach is more famous.

People living here believe that they experience a Goa-like feeling on this beach. This beach is also considered very famous for photography and in order to celebrate the festival in Ganesh Chaturthi, there is a lot of crowd on this beach.

And the special thing is that common people keep coming here to relieve tiredness throughout the day and also to relax.

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Attractions near the Juhu beach Mumbai

1. Elephanta caves (22.7 km)

2. Gateway of India (22.8 km)

3. Haji Ali in Mumbai (19.0 km)

4. Mumbai zoo (16.1 km)

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Most frequent questions and answers

In this beach Film Shooting, celebrities home, and local eateries like (Bhel Puri and Pani puri) more famous.

Yes, Juhu Beach is completely safe at night, However, it is not advised that you present late at night beach, By the way, police available at night in this place.

Swimming is not allowed, because of this beach near the Arabian sea. But there are other activities which you can enjoy during your visit like You can enjoy the beach by side of the sea.

Yes juhu beach is safe, but I cannot recommend you stay there late at night. Although Bollywood celebrities often roam there late at night, and also do jogging, often a crowd of people is here.

Both beaches have their right place, people consider Juhu beach Mumbai as a beach, while Versova beach is a beach where fish are also caught. And Versova Beach is near to the village of Versova, although both are beaches. But Juhu is more famous for being in the middle of the city.

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