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Prince of Wales Museum better known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vishnu Sanghralaya. This museum was a very good and prominent museum to be established by prominent citizens with the help of the government in the 20th century.

This museum located in the southern center of the Gateway of India. This place is very close to the Gateway of India. The named of this museum Prince of wales museum. While it was later renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj vishnu sanghralaya in 1998.

This memorial built really beautiful and attractive. It was created by incorporating elements of the Mughals, Marathas and Zen while creating it. Surrounding this monument is a garden of green trees, plants and flowers which looks very beautiful to see.

prince of wales museum reviews

Prince of Wales who was to become the future king, This great monument built. Whose name was George V. On his arrival in India, it was proposed to build this monument.

However this monument not the first monument which. The British kings built in the proposal to come to India. Earlier, many monuments such as the Mumbai High Court building, Gateway of India, all these buildings were also built.

The proposal to build the Prince of Wales Museum on 14 August 1904. However,The foundation stone was laid on 11 November 1905 by the Prince of Wales. And in 1909 the monument designed by George Wittet. And museum construction completed in 1915.

Inauguration of this memorial on 10 January 1922 by Lady Lloyed, wife of Mumbai Governor George Lloyd?

And then in 1998 this historical place renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Museum. This renamed when the name of the city of Mumbai was changed from Bombay to Mumbai.

This monument changed by the great Maratha empire, known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The area of ​​this museum is spread over 3 acres. And there are flower gardens from all sides in this museum. And this museum looks really beautiful in three storeys high.

Blue and white tiles are almost everywhere in this museum. The museum has a dome which looks exactly like an Islamic dome.

Prince of Wales museum architecture

The Prince of Wall Museum is spread over an area of ​​about 3 acres. The building of this museum has been made very beautiful and looking at its dome it seems that it is made of Islamic type of dome.

It is a three-storeyed structure on which many types of tiles and many types of white and blue fleets have been laid with tiles and stones, which are very attractive to see.

prince of wales museum paintings

The Prince of Wall Museum is considered very famous for painting because inside it there are very different and peculiar types of painting. In which memorable paintings of many countries are kept in this museum.

Like, Natural History Painting, Prints, Indian Miniature Paintings, Indian Paintings, Himalayan Art, Pre, and Proto History, Indian Decorative Art, European Paintings, European Decorative, Chinese and Japanese Paintings, Textiles and Customs, Jewellery Gallery Painting, and many more.

And not just painting, but inside it is also an interesting collection of many types of ceramic ware, metal and ivory embroidery items.

As such, the Prince of Wall Museum is considered to be very famous for painting, inside which most of the artifacts are also kept as generous donors like Ratan Tata and Sir Dorabji Tata.

With this, more than 50000 artifacts have been kept inside the museum, inside which painting like the Mughal dynasty and Rajasthani hill is included here. It also contains many different types of things. so Prince of wall museum painting is very attractive.

Facts about Prince of wales museum

After knowing the facts of Prince of Wall Museum, you would like to come here. It is indeed a good and historical places to see.

How to reach Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vishtu Sanghralaya

In Prince of wales museum you can reach here via bus, train, personal vehicle, and taxi.

Information about museum

Opinion about Prince of wales museum

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Museum It is considered being the history of India as well as the pride of India. With this being a historical place, the number of people who visit is also high.

Here you will find a lot of Shivaji’s armor (which he used to wear during his reign of rule), all these things to see you here. Seeing which a person is lost in history.

Many old-fashioned historical statues have been kept inside prince of wales museum museum, which looks very attractive to see. To see this, people from all over the world gather here and view old historical objects. You must come here once, it is a nice and best place to visit in Mumbai.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Prince of Wales Museum designed by George Wittet and was built in the 20th century.

The Prince of Wall Museum is located in Mumbai, it is a very magnificent building whose foundation stone was laid by the Prince of Wales on 11 November 1905. Whereas it established as a museum on 10 January 1922.

The most important and most visited item of this museum is the Ratan Tata Collection.

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